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Named Semantic Graph

Geo-modeler inform Drilling about TVT uncertainty from ground level #2
Convey TVD depth uncertainty.
The earth model has uncertainty on the true stratigraphic thickness of each formation layers. The TVT needs to be conveyed to the drilling team based on the planned well path.


Subject Name Subject Category Predicate Name Object Name Object Category
Depth Stack DDQUD.Subsurface.DepthStack has top Surface DDQUD.Subsurface.FormationTop
Depth Stack DDQUD.Subsurface.DepthStack has a Layer #N DDQUD.Subsurface.Formation
Layer #N DDQUD.Subsurface.Formation has a TVT parameter #N DDQUD.Drilling.Parameter
TVT parameter #N DDQUD.Drilling.Parameter has a Uncertainty map #N DDQUD.Drilling.Uncertainty
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