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Named Semantic Graph

Simplified Formation Evaluation Log from Wireline
Describe in a simple manner how a formation evaluation log is acquired during a wireline operation
It is a part of the rubber banding log depth use case. See example from Dashevskiy et al., 2008, Dynamic Depth Correction to Reduce Depth Uncertainty and to Improve MWD/LWD Log Quality, SPE Drilling and Completions, page 13-22


Subject Name Subject Category Predicate Name Object Name Object Category
Wireline #1 DDQUD.Drilling.WireLine belongs to Wireline operation #1 DDQUD.Drilling.ActualOperation
Wireline #1 DDQUD.Drilling.WireLine has a Logging tool #1 DDQUD.Drilling.FormationLoggingTool
Wellbore #1 DDQUD.Drilling.WellBore has a Wireline operation #1 DDQUD.Drilling.ActualOperation
Logging tool #1 DDQUD.Drilling.FormationLoggingTool has a Wireline log #1 DDQUD.Drilling.FormationLog
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