In development

Current Microservices

Microservice API Web App Docs Description
Cartography [link]
Cluster [link]
Drilling Unit Conversion [link] A microservice for converting quantities from a unit choice to or from SI
Fault [link]
Field [link] [link] A microservice for the management of fields
Geodetic [link]
Horizon [link]
Named Graph Editor [link] An API and Web Editor for creating semantic graphs
Quantile ROP Prediction [link] Microservice for ROP prediction using quantile regression neural network
Survey Instrument [link]
Survey Program [link]
Target [link] A microservice for the management of Targets defined as a list of TargetBodies
Target Axis [link] A microservice for the management of TargetAxis inputs and outputs (calculated and interpolated)
Target Group [link] A microservice for the management of TargetGroups defined as a tree of Targets
Trajectory [link]
Well [link]
Well Concept Concept/api [link]
Well Concept Architecture Concept Architecture/api [link]
WellBore [link]
WellBore Architecture Architecture/api [link]
WellPath [link] A microservice and webapp for the generation of well paths
YPL Calibration [link] Microservice for YPL Calibration From Rheometer
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